FAQ for 2018/19 season

Q: Who organizes the AHS mountain bike racing team?

A: The team is a co-ed AHS club open to all grade levels, sponsored by faculty and supported by parent volunteers. The Norcal High School MTB Racing League organizes our races and provides a coaches training and licensing program designed and administered by the National Interscholastic Cycling Association.

Q: What’s the commitment like for a student?

A: During the season, from November to May, the time commitment includes up to 3 practices per week of 2 to 4 hours each (2 after school, 1 Sunday morning) and up to 7 weekend all-day races at locations ranging from Fort Ord to Granite Bay to Lower Lake and more. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA and do 6 hours of volunteer tasks. This checklist provides more details

Q: What’s the commitment like for parents?

A: The club relies on parent volunteers for many tasks large and small such as carpooling to practices and races, making meals and snacks for race day, organizing team events, etc. There is no team fee but costs for a suitable bike, helmet and other equipment, race registration fees, travel to races, etc. do add up. A team bike loaner program and other league programs can help. This document provides more details

Q: What are practices like?

A: Most days we ride but some days we focus on bike skills, or learn bike maintenance, and we also do some core/cardio days at Ice Chamber. Practices build in intensity through the season, starting with flat 2 hour rides on the waterfront and progressing up to 3 to 4 hour climbs over Mount Tamalpais and back. Weekdays we usually ride the Bay Trail or in Tilden Park, weekends we often carpool to mountain biking spots like China Camp, Crockett Hills, or Mount Tam. This slideshow has more information about the season

Q: What’s racing like?

A: Exhausting, exhilarating and educational. Freshman races are 10-12 miles, Sophomores 15 – 18 miles, JV 15 – 20 miles, and Varsity may race for up to 25 or more miles. Everyone enjoys challenging courses and a post-race barbecue, it’s always a fun time at the Albany team tent on race day.

This slideshow has more information about the season

Q: When are the races?

A: Races take place on a Saturday or Sunday from February to May, here is the preliminary 2018-19 race schedule

Q: Does riding for the team count towards the AHS P.E. requirement?

A. Riders cover 20 to 35 miles each practice, but unfortunately as a club sport this does not meet the AHS P.E. requirement.

Q: Is racing co-ed?

A: While boys and girls do train together they race separately. Varsity, JV, Sophomore and Freshman Girls categories start around 9am so the last girls are finishing their final lap as Sophomore and Freshman boys start around 10:45am. The last riders in the first boys wave will be finishing as JV and Varsity boys start around 12:30pm.

Q: Do I have to be an experienced mountain bike rider?

A: No, new riders who want to make the significant commitment in time and energy to complete the season are welcome on the team, and racers compete by age and skill level. Club riders who started with no racing experience have progressed up to Varsity and earned scholarships to ride competitively in college.

Q: Where do I signup?

A: Email 2018/19 head coach Dana Albert at dana_at_albernet.us or contact the team via ahscougars@gmail.com to get started. Stop by the team booth at the Solano Stroll (9/9/18) to get more info, or come to the introductory team meeting in October (*details to be announced).

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