Brief Dispatches – NorCal Race #2!

The 2019 NorCal Mountain Bike Racing season is half over! We’ve raced three times but have been too busy training to share our stories. On March 17, we did race #2 at Granite Bay, where we won the team title! Read on for anonymous snippets from our racers. (Photos follow the text.)

“I had an icy-cold beverage after the race that really hit the spot. You know what else hit the spot? It not being a totally frigid day like last time!”

“This is my third time racing at Granite Bay but I somehow missed a turn and had to double back. How frustrating.”

“I saw someone dislocate her shoulder in front of me. This was disconcerting to say the least and I took that corner much more slowly after that.”

“On the rock wall, I didn’t even try to ride all the way over it. But I didn’t run my bike either. I kind of waddled along slowly, still straddling my bike, because I’d been leading the whole race and trying to get this guy to pull through. He got frustrated on the rock wall and ran by me, which was perfect. I finally got him to take the lead!”

“I saw an exceptionally fluffy pug dog playing with a stick and this image has stayed with me for days.”

“A girl behind me screamed when she went through the super deep puddle and though I sympathized, it kind of freaked me out at first.”

“I managed to ride all the way up the rock wall, but I crashed right afterward so it doesn’t count.”

“The course was pretty fun but of course I almost lost it in the sand a few times. Kind of made my stomach all jumpy.”

“I really wish there had been another lap. The race was too short to wear anybody out.”

“It’s so cool to actually win the team title for Division 2. The team has worked really hard all season and to see it pay off like this is almost magical, like a TV movie or something.”

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