Racers’ Stories – NorCal Race #3

We’re still behind recounting our NorCal racing exploits. On March 30 the Albany Cougars returned to Fort Ord (the original venue, Laguna Seca, having been rained out) and again won the team title! Read on for our racers’ action-packed micro-reports…

(In keeping with our team’s tradition, the following race snippets are piled up randomly and anonymously.)

“Lots of swoopy bits- some just came out of nowhere and made me very glad I pre rode.”

“I got to witness a minor crash during the first lap.  The girl yelled out ‘Awww I wiped out!’ with evident excitement when still on the ground.  Seems an appropriate response…”

“I loved the opportunity SF Composite took with the disco-themed spirit competition, and their brainchild San FranDisco!”

“The temperature was perfect during the race, which is to say freezing. I hate the heat.”

“NorCal made a lot of good decisions with that course and it turned out really fun. I can’t say I missed Hurl Hill but they did their best to not make it feel like the other Fort Ord race and it worked.”

“I dropped two shot blocks and ate one.  33% is an F.  Fortunately races aren’t for a grade.”

“I was waiting for a varsity pileup at the sharp turn before the finish but thankfully it never happened.”

“I went out way too hard the first lap, but it ended up being okay for a two lap race.  I’m really glad it wasn’t three laps, because I probably would have lost a few spots if I had to do another lap.”

“I slowed down after one climb near the end and the girl behind me told me to go faster- I thought she was trying to draft then pass so I sent it and dropped her, turns out the pack was 15 seconds behind us and she was doing us both a favor.”

“Not quite a sprint finish for me, but I was 4 seconds up from the girl behind me, which is the closest margin of any race so far.”

“It was so so so sad to hear about the Piedmont coach who passed away, and I could see the effect it had on everyone at the race, even if they only knew him in passing. The amount of love and support going out the Piedmont team was beautiful. It was a really touching reminder that NorCal is a community and we stick together and care about each other.”

“We bought swag after the race!  I am now the proud owner of yet another bike sweatshirt.  Feels good.”

“I finished the first lap in fifth position, but then two Berkeley girls passed and dropped me. I was kind of heartbroken because I was really hoping for a podium spot. On the final lap I clawed my way back to the two at the base of the long climb, and passed one of them. The other girl and I were neck-and-neck until near the top. I just managed to pull clear of her, and then I drilled it over the top and just kept drilling it, instead of trying to recover (like most riders instinctively do). This gave me a pretty good gap, but still I expected to get passed before the finish because there was a bit of a headwind and the Berkeley girls could have worked together. But they didn’t … they must have given up! Yessss!”

“What a thrill to make the top of the team podium! Our morale is sky-high because our team has gelled so well this season. Continuing our years-long tradition, Albany’s girls led the charge, and with this race we’ve reached a season milestone: all six of our girls have now contributed points in at least one race! Many thanks to all our steadfast riders (emphasis on fast), to our committed coaches, and to the parents who do so much behind the scenes and on race day.”

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