Mandatory Equipment

For safety reasons and so that every rider is self-sufficient, each rider is required to carry:
  • A bike helmet
  • Cycling gloves – (long-fingered recommended)
  • Front and rear lights (must be bright and firmly mounted to the bike)
  • Eye protection – glasses of any kind are sufficient
  • Appropriate clothing for weather conditions – wear layers if in doubt
  • 2 bottles of water or a Camelback/other hydration backpack
  • One spare inner tube for your bike’s wheel size – 26″, 27.5″, or 29″
  • Two tire levers or irons
  • One mini air pump or CO2 cartridge
  • One bicycle mini-tool set
  • Chain breaker (if the mini-tool set doesn’t have one)
  • One quick chain link for your 8, 9, 10 or 11-speed chain
  • Some source of calories – should be compact and easy-to-eat