Getting Started

Welcome to our team! We’re glad to have you. This page is dedicated to help answer questions about everything you need to do and know to be on the AHS Mountain Biking Team. Getting started is simple, just follow the steps below:

  • First, please read this document containing information for riders and parents.
  • Next, please fill out the team participation agreement, the team waiver, the NICA release of liability form, and the medical form (This requires a doctor’s signature, so plan ahead) and put them in an envelope or clip them together.
  • Then, complete the kit order form and give this to Ebba or Francis at the team potluck. New riders, use the Primal sizing chart in advance to select your kit size. If you don’t get what you need from the chart, you can find a returning rider of similar size and ask for advice, and/or try on some of last year’s clothing that will be for sale at the potluck (note that we might not have every size available on that day)
  • If you’ll be borrowing a team bike for the season, bring this form with you on the 4th, signed and initialed in several places. Give it to Francis along with the $200 deposit (cash or check made out to Francis Chapman).